Practice Areas

Legal and Business Crisis Management

When a crisis strikes and everything is on the line, you need a supremely qualified team with a vault of crisis-related experience and tools that can be immediately deployed on your behalf. Ashcroft has deep, hands-on experience in managing a situation in crisis mode. The most direct and notable example would be the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Under the leadership of U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, our team led the Department of Justice in restructuring that 120,000-person organization during one of the most unprecedented moments in U.S. history. We have a true understanding of how to lead, with a particular focus on the most difficult and unexpected times of turmoil and disarray.

Whether it be natural disasters, security breaches, hostile takeovers, compromised data, government investigations or indictments, product defects, bankruptcy, global unrest, acts of terrorism or similar crises, Ashcroft is prepared to immediately assess the crisis situation and work with executives and management through a systematic, customized approach. Frequently, issues of corporate governance or compliance are at the heart, if not the root, of a corporate crisis. Ashcroft is widely experienced in the field of corporate governance and compliance, and is tremendously ahead of the game when it comes to tackling issues common to that area. Even after the crisis has been weathered and managed, the Ashcroft team works with affected parties to devise plans for averting repeat or similar crises as well as monitoring ongoing damage mitigation. Our door always remains open—not just when in crisis-mode. Immediate and on-going assistance includes:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Internal Investigations
  • Special Committee Fraud Investigations
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Risk Assessments
  • Audit Committee Strategic Advice and Support
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring

Crises, when assessed through the proper broad lens, can be seen as windows of opportunity to overcome challenges and demonstrate resilience. Organizations employing a team of leaders with proven experience in seeing and seizing that narrow glimmer of opportunity are able to come out the other side stronger, tested, and more adaptable to change than ever before. It is paramount to use your moment in the spotlight—however unanticipated or undesirable—to send a carefully-constructed message of fortitude by way of calm and collected resolve and an unyielding ability to overcome the most unexpected obstacles. The leadership at Ashcroft is not merely your guide to surviving the fire of crisis, but your lens to the opportunities buried beneath it.