Practice Areas

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Ashcroft’s wealth of experience in the Justice Department gives us powerful insight into the regulatory processes governing large-scale mergers and acquisitions. We represent major global corporations in highly visible transactions. Proper due diligence regarding the legal and compliance related risks and liabilities of an acquisition can be the difference between a profitable, strategic transaction and a maelstrom of regulatory, civil, and criminal infractions.

Thus, careful attention to the underlying details and the applicable laws and regulations is paramount. Our organization has led clients through successful and lucrative high-profile mergers after a detailed inquiry into the potential for risk exposure. Expertise in compliance matters coupled with a solid background antitrust laws provides a foundation for the premium quality due diligence and advice we offer our clients. The seamless communication and interaction between our business and legal divisions has also afforded many of our clients the ability to champion what may otherwise be controversy-fraught mergers.