Practice Areas

Securities Litigation and SEC Enforcement Defense

With a team led by former U.S. Attorneys and comprised of seasoned litigators, Ashcroft has gained its expertise through navigating thousands of white-collar prosecutions. This experience provides deep insight into the way in which the government and regulatory agencies like the SEC handles its investigations and enforcement actions helping anticipate the tools and methodology employed. This expertise affords us the capability to represent our clients effectively in the following areas:

  • Civil and criminal fraud;
  • Accounting irregularities;
  • Intellectual property theft;
  • Foreign corrupt practices;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Information leaks; and
  • Kickbacks, and other areas of white‐collar misconduct.

We engineer informed defenses for our clients in these cases as needed, but our in-depth experience gives us a competitive edge when negotiating settlements structured as favorably— and as quickly—as possible. Our chief strength is our commitment to accelerating legal resolutions. We anticipate the processes involved, and we ensure that our clients’ time and resources are used judiciously and effectively. The seamless integration with The Ashcroft Group brings our clients valuable tools in dealing with the public relations and business ramifications of such investigations and prosecutions, as well as affecting a shift in corporate culture in order to prevent repeated government actions for similar matters.