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White Collar Defense

When the unexpected happens, you need a team of highly-experienced attorneys ready to hit the ground running with an existing network of expert investigators and former law enforcement officers who can be immediately put to action in your aggressive defense. The Ashcroft team is widely experienced in all phases of a white collar defense—from investigations and government fact-gathering to trials and enforcement proceedings. Ashcroft is led by a team of the most experienced Federal prosecutors and former top officials at the Department of Justice. In fact, the Ashcroft team has a higher concentration of former U.S. Attorneys than any other law firm.

With unparalleled experience in complex white collar criminal cases—both as prosecutors and defense attorneys—Ashcroft is undoubtedly the one to turn to when your future is in jeopardy.With a proactive approach, Ashcroft also works with clients around the world on comprehensive compliance programs and internal audits to minimize the likelihood of noncompliance that could lead to costly investigations, fines or prosecution. Such preventative internal measures and programs also strategically aim to soften potential penalties, should they arise.